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We talk alot about 002 around here.  Though you can’t have 002 without 001 001st.  Besides, your eyes and ears work together to send signals to your 001 brain.   That’s kinda cool.  Great read to get your 001 focus on.

If you don’t have these yet, you (002) should get it!  Amazing sound quality in and outbound, even in a loud diesel truck!  You can listen to music and get calls.  The call quiets your music gently and all you do is tell Siri to answer the call.  Hands free amazing-ness.  I wish I would’ve bought immediately when these came out.  I’ve been wanting a better blue tooth headphone for AWHILE!  The case charges the air pods and lasts forever!  

Beware though that you should purchase a clip and rubber case with it (below), because this is small and easy to lose. 

This is the rubber case I bought.  Durable and I love the carabiner.  Comes with everything pictured.  A MUST if you don’t like buying air pods more than once because you lost it.