5 reasons 002sday is better

Manic Monday.  It’s cause you got a job, you’re all grow’d up, and maybe you have a partner and a kid or 002.  

Monday’s as adults just flat out suck.  You start the week in pain.  Don’t worry though because as this blog suggests…you get a 002nd chance.  Accept it as the get through it day. Why?  

Because glory awaits you, you are so close.


002. Tuesday is better because ah, well Taco Tuesday.

Yes, yes.  Taco’s are the best.  

If you’re in the Chicagoland area…hit up my favorite spot:        

Zacatacos on 3837 S Harlem Ave, Berwyn, IL 60402.


001. Tuesday is better because Drake.

This song is lit and just puts me in a great mood after Monday’s failures.  Isn’t that just the best.  It does not matter what stuggles are going on when you really hear a song you like.  

003. Tuesday is better because Ruby Tuesday.

Truly the best chain restaurant and Rolling Stones song…ever.

The meaning?  The consensus according to:


Keith Richardson’s girlfriend that could never find what she really wanted.  Did she get her 002nd chance?  Some never do because of a lack of content. 

Reflect and remember Ruby Tuesday as the danger of running after the next shiny toy.  Be content.  Tuesday is your better.  Guess what!  You will get another Tuesday after this one has past  002 (too).  

Blessings come like weather and often AFTER the struggle.


004. Tuesday is better because Love is the Tuesdays

Nice sweet song by Jake Scott.  

Give it a listen if you are feel like you are not sure what the struggle is for.

005. Tuesdays better because when Tuesday leaves, tuesday comes again.

Oh yeah, so does Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday again.  

But, sometimes Tuesday comes early…like on a Saturday.   Isn’t that pretty cool?

 Blessings come like weather.  The storms of the week will pass.