first things first

Habit 003 Put first things first

Put first things first.

Habit 001: “You’re the creator of your awesomeness”.

Habit 002: “is the creation of awesomeness”

Habit 003:  “Fulfillment of awesomeness.”

In other words, it is the fruit from the roots of habit 001 and 002.

put first things first

Habit 003 is the 002nd creation!  Remember from the Habit 002 post: 

Be proactive and create 002wice!

001st: Imagine!

002nd: DO!

Remember once you say yes to your 001 thing (your 001st thing 001st), you automatically say no to something else.  

For example: You are playing minecraft at home with your dad when…

the phone rings.

You could either let it ring and go to voicemail OOOOOORRRRRRR answer it.  

If you answer it you are saying yes to the phone and no to minecraft adventures with your amazing dad.

Habit 003 is the 002nd creation! It is the “DO”.  It is the “fulfillment of awesomeness.  

That being said, 

001st things 001st.  

First things first.

People.  Relationships.  

What’s important involves our circle of influence-people around us that we interact with.

Think effectiveness with people; efficiency with things.  Being effective with people just takes time.  Whatever we plan to be efficient must subordinate to building relationships.

Relationship roles

What roles do you play weekly in life?

001.)  Remember 001st we are of the human family; we are God’s creation.  To be most effective with others, we must nurture God within.  We must nurture our nature.  I suggest meditate 001st thing when you wake up.

002.)  Family: Are you the son or daughter, brother or sister, father or mother, husband or wife? 

Me: Father, son, brother, and husband! 4 roles.

003.) Current work or school?  This is our extended circle of influence.

Me: Work; Coworker, manager, and subordinate. 3 roles.

004.)  Future work or skill development: Learning a new skill to more effectively serve the circle of influence.

Me:  Grow my business brand.  Keep on rollin…


Set 001 weekly goal and do the tootsie roll…

Err…001 weekly goal from a relationship role, 

that is both important AND not urgent.

And then do a private victory tootsie roll while eating a private victory tootsie roll.

Next post, we will explore the 001st of public victory habits; Habit 004: Think Win/ Win. 

Fulfill your awesomeness and keep on keepin on.

“What gets rewarded gets repeated.”- somebody wise. 

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