Get your paradigm right. Get your paradise twice.

Get your paradigm right. Get your paradise twice.

Paradigm right.  Paradise twice.

Let’s start with your Paradigm.





Pair o’ dimes?

A million?


Pair of diamonds?



Paradigm right.  Paradise twice.

It’s basically how you “see” your world. 

It’s your mindset or your standards based on your experience and social conditioning.  

It is how you “see”  (perceive and interpret)

For example:

Maybe you don’t like vegetables because your brother doesn’t like vegetables, your friends don’t like vegetables, you tasted them and you don’t like vegetables.  

I “see” the broccoli.  

I perceive.  It is green and hard and I tried it before and I didn’t like it. My brother didn’t like it and my friends don’t like it. (experience and social conditioning).

I interpret.  My brain gives it meaning.  When I ate that broccoli last time, I almost died.  It was dry and stringy and I almost couldn’t swallow it.

But, then someone says, “Hey try steamed broccoli!”  

You try it AND you like it!  You begin to change your mind, how you “see” vegetables as something that you don’t like.


And then you cram them into your face because you



Especially with a little salt or some cream cheese on top!

A paradigm is a map in your head.


A map is an explanation of the way things are.

A map in your head is an explanation of the way things are


The way things should be.

A Paradigm shift is a change in thinking.

It is to nurture, not to cram.



Think of your broccoli.  Where did it come from?  Naturally it grew from a seed to a root in the ground that develop into broccoli heads that we chop off!

Do we Cram at the garden? 


What is cram?

Click Cram: for the definition.

We let nature, nurture.  When you nurture your natural paradigm, the shift is paradise!  The natural paradigm is connecting the ways things are to the way things should be, which will bring lasting happiness.  

It takes time, enjoy nature.

 Let nature nurture.

Get to work on your paradigm shift.

It is your roots; your character. 

We will be exploring the “7 habits of highly effective people” for the next 007 weeks.  

We hope you join us.

Paradigm right.  Paradise twice.

You will achieve mental Paradise 002wice when you get your paradigm right.

001: The ways things are.

002: The ways things should be.

You (002) will see things in a new light.

If you are kid or a teen, I recommend clicking on 001 of the books below to follow along!  

Leaders are Readers.