lasting happiness

Lasting happiness. Live on purpose, ask 002 questions: X and Y?

Lasting happiness? 

Is there such a thing?

Ask yourself 002 questions.

What is my X?

What is my Y?

X" is the path, marks the spot, and becomes the target.

Turkey power

The path is time continuous.  

The spot is the present.  It is your moment in time where you are.

The target is the destination.  Where would you like to be?  

When you aim, aim high! 

This way you’ll get more than you expected.

"Y" is Why?

“Driven to distraction,

It’s all part of the plan.”

When you look at a graph, there are the “X” and “Y” intercepts.

coordinate x and y

AKA (also known as) coordinates.


a good day if you are distracted and crash.

If you are a living being, you will travel

“X” Path (time) which leads you to

“X” Spot and finally

“X” Destination.  

Unless, of course, you know how to time travel.

“Y” gives you direction. (up or down)

All you need to do is to ask “Y”.

This will take you up or down!

Following “Y” will bring lasting happiness.

Full Disclosure:

“X” and “Y” allows you to live on purpose and keeps you “co-ordinated” (002).

“Who we are and where we want to go determine what we do and what we accomplish.”-Gary Keller; The One Thing.

Ask why (Y) and some may lie (002).

And again! 

“Drive you to distraction.”

Let’s talk fishing!

Fishing’s great but purpose is even better than porpoise

Purpose sounds heavy but just choose 001 thing that you want your life to be about more than anything else.  

Write down what you want to accomplish.



And guess what?

If you don’t like it, You (002) can change your mind!  But choose.  Plan.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”- Someone Smart.

“The joy is in the journey”- Someone else Smart.


You will never be frozen when you live on purpose.

But yes, you 002 will smell different and some will not like it.

But that’s ok,


you have




(X and Y) 


lasting happiness

Jack got distracted in “The Shining” and froze.  

Get your coordinates co-ordinated already for lasting happiness!

Happy Halloween Weeners! (winners)