The 001st habit to increasing your awesomeness

Your 001st habit to increasing your awesomeness.

The 001st habit to increasing your awesomeness: 

Be Proactive


Habits 001, 002, 003 (The 001st 003 weeks)  focus on Private Victories:

Growing your “Roots”

You get me?  You got me.

Use your 


to get more 




What do you have?  

What can you do?

ROI: Return on Investment

What will it give you?

How do we do use our R/I to get more ROI?

Break it down!

00A.)  Take an interest or aptitude test

00B.)  Study industry or organizational problems.

00C.)  Make an effective presentation highlighting the P/PC Balance.

P and PC Balance:

 (Production and Production Capacity Balance)

Production is the “Golden Egg”: it’s the the desired result.

Production capacity is the goose: it’s what makes the production.

Don’t kill the goose.

Get Funky with a 005 minute break.

Move your thinking from “have” or “have not”



(002nd letter of the alphabet BTW…just sayin)

Don’t think about what you Have.  

Think about how to “B”

How you choose to respond to your situation sometimes changes your situation for you.  

“B” Response-able.  

Response falls under 002 categories:  

001: Reactive response

002: Proactive response

Reactive responders are victims to their circumstances.  

We hear them say

“Not Fair!”

“If only I had more money.”

“I can’t, I have to, and why me?”

“If I only had more time.”

Proactive responders are champions to their circumstances. 

We hear them say.

“It’s not fair, but it’s my story.  I choose to tell it the way I want to tell it.”

“I can be more resourceful.”

“It’s up to me.”

I’ll find the time.  This is important.


The 002 ways to put ourselves in control of our life immediately. 

001.)  Make a promise, and keep it.

002.)  Set a goal, and work to achieve it.  

Either we write our own story, or someone writes it for us.

If it’s hard, it makes for a great story.


Proactive in private and build good roots.

This concludes your 001st habit to increasing your awesomeness.  

“B” here next week. 


Stay proactive with your probiotics and vitamin “B” 002!

Recommendations by an old fart Doctor that I know.  Best probiotic he’s ever had…Just sayin, if you feel like you need support.

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