Habit 006 Synergy. Creative cooperation using the sum of the whole.

Sum of the whole


Principles of creative cooperation.

Synergy basically means that the whole is greater than the parts. 

Some of the hole is half empty.

Some of the whole are the parts.  

Sum of the whole are the parts exponentially

For example, an arm or a leg do not work well without a brain!  A brain doesn’t work well without nerves, blood, a house to hold it in place (skull).  

A soccer team is not that effective without all the players!  

Stack two pieces of wood together and it holds more than twice the weight of just one piece of wood.  

When principle-centered (wholesome) people cooperate more can get done, quicker and better.

And just like we discussed in the 4th habit post, when people are proactive to a win-win solution, the synergy can be exciting and terrifying because you do not know where it will go.

And just like we discussed in the 5th habit post, when people seek 001st to understand and use empathy, creative cooperation comes and it is so easy.

Try using a little tenderness and re-write the social script…and replay the song!

It gets exciting as the synergy builds.

Serve and contribute to fulfill habit 002; begin with the end in mind.  


Seek not to imitate the masters, rather seek what they sought.

Compromise is not what we are talking about here.  Compromise is win-lose or lose-win.  Both people give and take.  It is honest and respectiveful and genuine, meaning that you care about the other person, put it isn’t synergy or creative cooperation.

Seek not some of the hole, or some of the whole, 

Seek sum of the whole.


Sum of the whole. Two brains are better than one.

Manipulation is making someone feel a way that they don’t feel; which leads to compromise.  Synergy is better than compromise.

Synergy starts with valuing the other person.  The feelings come with the person.  We all feel differently about certain things.  

It is in our differences that synergy can happen.  Our different feelings can help us co-operate.  The quicker we are to validating the feelings, the quicker we are to synergy.

Synergy means that

1+1 may equal 8, 16 or 1,600. 

It is exponential, just like the wood example: 

Stack 002 pieces of wood and it holds more weight than each of them separately.   

002 brains are better than 001.

sum of the whole
Sum of the whole.

Sameness is not oneness.  Uniformity is not unity.  

Unity is complementariness, not sameness.  

Logical (dominant left side of the brain) AND emotional (dominant right side of the brain).

Interpersonal synergy (highly effective dealing with people) starts with intrapersonal synergy (developing our roots); letting nature, nurture.

002 value is 002 see the problem as they see it; empathy.

Stuffs to keep you synergized.

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