Win. Win.

Habit 004 Win. Win. The true definition of winning.

Win. Win.

Habit 004.  Win. Win.  Cooperation is the true definition of winning.

003 character traits to win cooperation

001.)  Integrity:  

A true win happens when what we do is “right”.  

We can feel it.  It resonates with what we believe in; what we value.  Just like we’ve previously explored in earlier blog posts:  

Just like “The Black Eyed Peas taught us“, (Imma be)

What we proactively pursue, is what we value.  

What I love about success in music is how many people of the same heartbeat spur one another on.  Look how many “stars” are in this video.  Everyone has their spot on this one hit song.  This happens




Because sometimes it’s more fun to cooperate and to have a  mutual interest in group success.

Win.  Win.  is based on the paradigm that there is plenty for everybody.

The true definition of winning

It’s not my way or the highway.  It’s the high-er way.  Co-op to achieve greater success. 

Don’t think in terms of Dichotomy! 

People too often think that if you’re nice, you’re not tough.

Win. Win. is nice and tough!  It is empathic and confident.  It is considerate and brave.

It doesn’t have to be nice or tough, fast or slow, bright or dark.

 This Frank Sinatra bright classic song in a major key becomes eerily dark but entertainingly beautiful in its own right.  

It is a win. win.

002.)  Maturity:   

It is the balance between courage and consideration.  In other words, it is having the courage to

“Say what you need to say.”

Therefore, also consider the thoughts and feelings of the other person.  Get the Golden Egg and take care of that goose!  

“Do things my own way darling, you should just let me, why you will never let me grow?”

Words to consider if you are trying to cooperate.

003.)  Abundance Mentality

There is plenty for everybody!  Check out this video. 

The abundance mentality (paradigm) celebrates the proactive nature of other people.  

Abundance is mutually beneficial to all and it is  public victory habit number 001 and 004 to the 007 effective habits that we will continue to explore in the next few weeks.

Next post we will dive a little deeper into the true definition of winning and to get win-win exploring agreements and systems to support it.

 Speaking of support, here’s another great read about winning and seriously the best water bottle i’ve ever owned.  Support us? 

Why not? 

It’s good for you 002.