The end in mind

Habit 002 The end in mind

Begin with the end in mind.

Don’t leave without the choppa!  

Begin with the end in mind.  

That’s the warning sign.  

Diving deeper…Let’s look at our lives as if we were dying.  

What would they say about you?  

What would they say about me?

By beginning with the end in mind, we can feel what is important to us.  

This is important to your emotional intelligence and reveals what our center is.  

the end in mind

We can have a center in many different things, but when we discover the cracks in our character, (whew, I’m all cracky 002), we can work to mend them with principles.  Fortunately # 001 in the 8 characteristics of principal centered leadership is “They are continually learning!”  Whew, that’s good news.  

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The end in mind

Principles and consequences go together like 002 ends of stick.  

If we pick 001 end, we pick up the other.  Begin with the end in mind!

That being said if we ignore the end, there are consequences to that as well.  

We can proactively re-write our lives by creating 002wice.

001st: Think it.  Imagine.

Be a mental giant, even if it’s your 001st time.  

002nd: Do it.  

Do it with the end in mind.

It’s your story, you write it.  Let us know what you want us to say about you.

Habit 001: “You are the creator of your awesomeness.”

Habit 002: “is the creation of awesomeness”.

“Do your imagination, not your memory.”- Bubba from Aduba002.

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