Commit to 001

From twerk to turk? Don’t just be a booty shaker…commit to 001.

Commit to 001?

Don't just be a booty shaker...

Commit to your 001 thing!

Check baby, check baby 001…

Drill into your 001 thing:

Path 002 mastery
"E" 002 "P"




The Path 002 Mastery

The Path 002 Mastery sets you free!

Mastery is letting go of what is easy.  

Remember if it was easy, everyone would to do it.

"E" 002 "P"

“E” (Entrepreneur): 

“P” (Purposeful):

Go from what can I do?


How can I do this best?

Being an Entrepreneur is using your “natural” gifts to create something new that people will pay money for!

Being Purposeful is stretching yourself to “unnatural” abilities to create something extraordinary.


Maino hi hater

5 Ways to be accountable.

Don’t hate.  


Be Present.

What’s going on?  Don’t be scared to see what is right in front of you.

Be aware.

That’s just the way it is.  Acknowledge reality, then change what you need to change.  Behavior is just 002 things: 

002.  Avoiding a pain.

001.  Obtaining a pleasure.

Be on it.

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”- Robert Schuller

Be the solution.

001 reason= 001 thing.  

Commit to 001.  

Be active.

A connection happens.

what you do 


what you get.




Don’t just twerk 001, turk 001! 

With Turkey powers!


Mastery takes 10,000 hours =

4 hrs a day

5 days/ week

or 20 hours total per week for 10 years. 

Remember it’s a path not a destination.  Give yourself a 002nd chance to the path.

Written goals are 39.5% more likely to succeed.

Accountable people are 76.7% more likely to achieve their goals.

Interested in an accountability partner? 

Subscribe at the bottom of the page and let’s connect.

It’s free, it’s fun! and…

You may even get rewarded along the way.

Cold feet?

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USB charged heat pads.  Warm, even when not charged!


Wool socks for Chicks:

5 pack

$16.002?  not fair!