5 002nd chance tips on songwriting: The Head and The Heart

The Head and The Heart.

What better way to explain GREAT song writing

but to give GREAT examples? 

002.) KISS IT!

Keep It Silly Simple. 

002-chord progressions are a great way to get your creative juices out there.  Notice the simplicity.  Especially when you do not have much of a fan base, start simple.  

002ndarily, notice the flow of singing in the begining.  It’s simple and consistant.  He starts low with the first few words and when the tone goes up it’s like a waterfall of words falling down. 

“I get lost in my head, I get lost in my head”

The vocal pattern is consistent oo2wice and then he changes to the 002 chord with the same vocal pattern; low to high, then the waterfall.

002-002ndarily, the drums…simple steady solid kick to the bass drum and shakers but he waits patiently for his cue.  

Classic, Classy, and Simple.

This eases the listener into the song.   

Thank goodness for great teachers.

Keep it silly simple.

Three chords is not AS simple…



the progression; the repetition…

leads the listener to FOCUS 

on the lyrics.

001.) Build on the simple with a small change to the chorus.

Then go back to the simple 002 or 003 chords.

Use the same 002 chords but change the tempo near the end.


003.) Add some nonse-sense

The chorus can be simply oh’s or ah’s, yeah’s or no’s.

“Music is either good or bad.”- Ray Charles

He said this in reference to what kind’s of music he liked. 

Let’s be clear, I’m not a fan of Nickleback,

but this song became a hit for a reason.  SOME people enjoyed this, and if it brings people to feel something, it is good song writing.

Non-sense catches people’s attention.

004.) Let the important lyrics sit for a little longer.

Sometimes less is more when we speak.  

The point, the hook, the main idea needs to be highlighted by letting it sink in before moving on.

005.) When in doubt, more...


Notice how it’s just bass and a tight high-hat and snare in the background.  This gives greater contrast to the singing and is very pleasing.

Additionally, the bass is highlighted with the lyrics at the very end phrasing.

My only suggestion would be to increase the volume of the bass during that whole beautiful section.

Yeah, I used to play bass ALOT, so what?

Bass really gives texture and soul to just about any song.

The Head and The Heart.


When song-writing, 

Use your head



Don’t just be dumb.

Now that you (002) are smarter, 

 Go make some music already!