Clarify clarity in gravity

Don’t be a halloween-er, clarify clarity in “Gravity” by asking 001 question.

Clarify Clarity in “Gravity”?

Ask the right questions 002



clarify clarity in gravity

“What’s the 001 thing that you (002) can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

What’s your 001 thing?  

Answer that question will lead you 

002 002 

(to two):

The Target: what is far.


The Compass: what is near.

The Target is the Destination.

You have a destination. 

Turkey power

Do you know what or where it is? 

What is your target? 

What do you want for your life?  

Is this a trick?

clarify clarity in gravity
clarify clarity in gravity

Clarify Clarity in “Gravity”?

Ask this 001 important question.

This 001 question will lead you to clarity.  

If you know what is far and what is near, you will achieve spatial awareness.  You will know where you are and where you want to be.  

You will know what you will need to do


to get where you need to go.

If you DON’T focus on 001 Target, 

you will get 002 Targets or MORE. 

Clarify Clarity in “Gravity”!

“002wice as much ain’t 002wice as good”

Especially when you are running the wrong direction


running after 002 targets.

clarify clarity in gravity

The Compass is the direction.

clarify clarity in gravity

How you get there is up to 002 (you).

Do you want to go the long way or take the short cut?

The compass points you in the “right” direction.

Do you want a guide or to wander?

Focused energy (following your compass) is 

Like a domino! 

Focus on the 001 thing and the other things become easier or unnecessary


Focused energy is power

“and can’t sustain, like one-half could.”

1/2 of your focused energy, will get you 1/2 of your destination clarity;

it’s like you,

and your destination,

clarify clarity in gravity

are a little bit blurry.

and 1/2 of your compass?

well, if you only have 1/2 a compass, you won’t even need it.  

You’ll just wander around;

wanderers don’t have sustainability. 

To wander is NOT to last.

“It’s wanting more that’s gonna send me 002 my knees.”

Once you reach your destination, you will ask for another 001 thing,

It is fun to achieve.

When you (002) get your clarity, you don’t worry about the rainy weather.

And to not worry is the best treat EVER!


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