Veggie hater find the path to great answers by asking 001 question

Veggie hater 001 question.

Great questions are hated 002.

They are





but SO GOOD for you (002).


Don’t get digestion problems!


Veggie hater 001 question:

What can I do to hate vegetables less and eat them 8 days a week?

What’s the 001 thing

I can do to hate vegetables less and eat them 8 days a week, such that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary?

Go from

“I’d like to do that.” 


“How do I achieve that?”

The answer will come in 


What you (002) can do.  It is within your reach.  What vegetable do you already know that you can make taste good and what can you do quickly?

Do some research and study what others have done that you can do.    Potentially achievable and probable depending on your effort. 

Can you make the effort to research 5 recipes for this week for this

001 vegetable?

Whatever you learn, challenge it. 

Make it quicker, easier, and tastier.

The greatest answer lies in the possibility realm. 

Let’s set the benchmark and trend it.  Let’s challenge each-other to get there.  What vegetable should we tackle 001st?

What’s in your head?

Let’s remember that this could turn out terribly, if we don’t act NOW!

Lettuce remember!

But I like fruit over veggies. 

I prefer Berries.

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002 hour shipping?  What?  Get your veggie on, yo!

Lettuce know…what veggie you’d like great answers 002!