Leaders are readers

Leaders are readers.  Readers are leaders.  You have to lead your life.  There is no choice there.  The only choice is where you will lead your life.  Readers are interesting people because often readers share information.  Interesting people often get followed, respected, and talked about.

Why is it important to lead?  It proves that you are using your life for it’s purpose-to give, to change your perception; change your perspective; you are letting go and letting GOD.  When you lead you are #002.  You are serving.  You are getting ideas from someone else and you are giving them back to others.  When you (002) read you learn from someone else’s experiences, thought vibrations, and connections to perceptions.  It is important to be educated,  not just entertained.  I believe music is a wonderful educator.  It teaches a new language when you study it.  It enables the expression of emotional intelligence.  In our posts we include musical reference (and entertainment) to what we learn when we read.  It solidifies the education the book is presenting.  Leaders are readers.

Clarify clarity in gravity

Don’t be a halloween-er, clarify clarity in “Gravity” by asking 001 question.

Clarify Clarity in “Gravity”? Ask the right questions 002 get CLARITY. “What’s the 001 thing that you (002) can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” What’s your 001 thing? Answer that question will lead you 002 002 (to two): The Target: what is far. and The Compass: what is …

Don’t be a halloween-er, clarify clarity in “Gravity” by asking 001 question. Read More »