Great or fake?

Billie Eilish; great or fake? AND does she get a 002nd chance?

Great or fake?

5 songs to figure her out.

At 001st glance she looks like someone we’ve seen and heard before.  A teen looking for validation, to shock, and eventually

Is she just a copy cat of what we’ve already heard?

002.) Copy Cat!

Is B.E. (Billy Eilish) trying to copy someone else? 

I hope not!

Well that just hurts my belly!

001.) Belly-ache!

Enunciation is VITAL! 

Love the crispness to the word “Vendetta”  

Billie Eilish great or fake

Hear the lack of enunciation

Speaking of Jewel,

I 002 (also) hear some Bjork weirdness in B.E.’s  music.

Reaction to belly-ache.  

Great or fake?

Implosion?  The more I watch this video the harder,

I need to do #002.


So much implosion going on. 

Freya’s facial expressions are just awesome!


Ok, She get’s it 002!

You being you.

Great or fake?

003.) &Burn!

So this is also called “Watch”.  

002 versions of basically the same song. 

Does that mean it’s 002wice as good?

“So i’ll sit and watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me. But you never came back to ask it out.”

Intelligent, purposeful

and yes,

002wice as good.

Great or fake?

004.) I love you!


I had to leave the whole clip of this one.  If this doesn’t knock your socks off, I don’t know what will.

Smooth, soft, and more smooth.

005.) Bad Guy!


 A smooth criminal?

Really Really Bad!

In conclusion:  Is William Eyelash great or fake?

So Bad!  But, like, in a good way.

Great or fake?

Great!  For these reasons!

002.  She is humble.

001.  She is modest.

003.  She is authentic.

004.  She writes smart, poetic lyrics.

005.  She writes interesting bass and rhythm hooks.

006.  She is competitively different and has time to blossom.

007.  She can do mental AND sentimental.

008.  She can sing, really, really sing well.

009.  She loves “The Office.”

0010.  She supports causes much bigger than herself;

the green hair is not just green just to be green.

You know what I mean?

At 002nd glance…she gets a 002nd chance!

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