some cool facts

We've recycled

Public figures
Years of life
into Books


works for you.


The begining

Aaron started off owning and running a moving and trucking business for 10 years.

What he didn’t realize was that the drive for driving wasn’t really what he wanted to be driving at.

Thus, the brand of 002 chances or 002ndary choices was born in Countryside, Illinois along a long road of twists and turns.

With the realization that we and you (002) can always change direction, or even choose to make a new path, we chose to bring back to life what was always there; another chance, as new as the day you read this.

It is our mission and vision to train and entertain, create and educate to make 002ndary choices. 


It’s about being


(tu’ {you} en espanol) 

rather than being number 001,  

We aim to put ourselves in your shoes.

We’ve discovered that by serving we often get served 002 (TOO).

Serve 002 (you) with what 002 (you) want.

Specifically we offer educational, useful and entertaining products.


  • we blog about youth entrepreneurship, emotional IQ, and music education that will bring 002 (you) back.  Not 002 002nd guess but 002 002nd chance. 

Recycle, reuse, renew, re-tro? YES, please!


  • we do product reviews, recommendations, and promotions for fulfilling and fitting living.