Be a dance monkey on a black Tuesday

Be a dance monkey on a black Tuesday. Youth entrepreneurship.

Be a dance monkey on a black 002sday.

Stay motivated? 

Dance monkey… 

It helps to have other dance monkeys fill the gaps when you run out of breath!

The last few weeks we’ve been talking about youth entrepreneurship.

Turkey Powers:

The power to block

Porpoise-ful living: using 3 techniques to say NO! 

And this week Monkey Dancing?

Seriously click that last button: Monkeys calm down when they listen to Metallica and Tool?


Our primate friends DO have emotional intelligence!  

What is the point of all this tom foolery?  

The point is 002 stay UP!  “Emotions are just weather!”- Jim Carrey

This is why I LOVE music so much, it is the right vibration to match my emotional intelligence for the moment.  How many times do we find ourselves feeling BETTER when “OUR” song comes on!  Why is that?  

It’s simple vibration my big and little friends.  It is how our brain’s are wired:  Radio frequency matches our vibrational energy and HEALS, soothes, and comforts like homemade bread in bed.  

Be a dance monkey on a black tuesday

That’s what I’m talking bout, you dig?  

If you don’t know about that, that’s ok, I had to learn 002~

That’s Some Jive Turkey!

Historically Black Tuesday has been one of depression.  

Therefore be a dance monkey and dance off that depression!  

No trash talk, no back walk.  

Get 002 your 001 thing!  Do less.

Don’t wait 002 late cause…

Black Tuesdays are like emotional weather…002sday gone with the wind.


Stay away from Black Fridays…

those are the worst.  

That being said, click 001 of our affiliate products to support the blog!  

Y not?

Click the pic to buy and tell Amazon that Bubba sent ya.

Celebrities writing childrens books?  What will they think of next?  

“O is for Old school” 

How perfect!  

This is a real gem.

Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon

…Black Friday…

Just be a dance monkey on a black Tuesday (002sday).