5 habits to get your 002nd chance

#002.) Aim Higher.

11 out of 10 people polled suggest not just thinking big but aiming high.  That is, imagine your target, like in baseball, a catcher’s mitt.  Throwing the ball higher than the target will bring your ball right to the target.  Because?

Uh, gravity.  

There is always SOMETHING to bring you down.  

Expect this.  So aim higher!   

#001.) Get the BIG picture.

Put your task into the perspective of your goals.  Then think bigger; the perspective of your family.  Then think bigger; the perspective of your community.  Then think bigger; the perspective of your entire life.  Then think bigger; the perspective of mankind: 

your family’s family’s family’s family.  

Does your task help or hurt mankind?  That is the big picture.  

God’s perspective gets bigger.  

#003.) Keep your eyes moving.

Saccades!  “Great Scott!”


Transsaccadic memory gives your brain puzzle pieces of information.  

Keep your eyes moving!  By doing so you are increasing your 002nd chance at catching something out of the ordinary.  

Could be a danger lurking in the shadows!  Stay alive!

Also, it keeps you engaged with your environment.  Don’t stare!  People don’t like it when you stare at them.

#004.) Leave yourself an out.

Always have an escape route!

Play this music “Leave yourself”.

Then press play to watch Ben escape.

When you aim high, get the big picture, keep your eyes moving, you automatically have an escape route, without even thinking about it more.  YOU HAVE CHOICES!  

002ndary choices, 002nd-002ndary choices, 002nd-002nd-002ndary choices.

It’s ok to change direction.  WHEN to change direction is the hardest part. More on this later…

BTW…did you listen to the whole song?  Don’t watch Ben.  Just listen.

Give yourself a moment to escape.  You will like how you feel when you JUST LISTEN.  

You have 002 ears and 001 mouth.  Listen 002wice as much as you talk.


#005.) Make sure they see you.

The 002nd hardest part is being brave enough to let people see YOU 002.

Put yourself out there.  

Your 002nd choice is often better because,

you know better what you want 002.