5 songs in 2020

5 Ray Charles’ songs that will give you 20-20 in 2020.

005 Ray Charles' songs that will give you 20-20 in 2020.

Get your 20-20 in 2020.  

It’s ok to reflect and remember, …as long as you recharge!  

There is no time to regret.  Take a moment to humble yourself and realize that you don’t have what you need yet.  But don’t let that stop you.  Ray didn’t quit.  

Use your

foresight to give you insight into your next move.

Unchain your heart.  Let go of 002 mistakes of 2019.  Review your top 002 failures and remember your focusing question: “What’s the 001 thing that I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary?”  

Focus on lasting happiness. 

20-20 in 2020.

Remember money comes, money goes.  Then it comes again.  Things don’t matter.  People matter.  Let your 001 thing focus on serving people.

Take care of your folks back home.  Give them a 002nd chance.  Your roots are what has brought you this far.  Recognize the importance of having roots and serve them, but remember the focusing question.  We will spend the next 002 months diving deeper into your character.  Your folks sometimes see the cracks in your character that you cannot see, but our focus is on serving them because that is where we come from. 

Your folks may not know your focusing question.  

If you can’t remember, I’ll send you back to Arkansas and I’ll tell you again.  

Sometimes we need a 002nd chance 002, 002 get it right.  

Make 2020 your 002nd chance to get your vision.

Get your 20-20 in 2020.